The conspiracy Soles y Rayos de Bolívar adopted its flag with deep blue center and in its medium point a shining silver                sun within a crimson circumference.

         In the year 1823, under general Vives command, the francmasonic lodge of the "Soles y Rayos de Bolívar", in full accordance with      other secret societies of the Island, organized a conspiracy to overthrow the Spanish power and founding the Republic of    Cubanacán.

According to the summary instructed against the frustrated conspiracy it is known that 395 red, yellow and blue badges were found, together with “three silk flags of plain taffeta, each one with two and a half yard long and one and a half width, center deep blue and in its center a big sun with rays, as enameled, silver colour and in its circumference a band crimson colour”.

There are disagreement between the description and the design found, because in it the sun is golden or yellow, and not silver as indicated.

    Flag adopted by the conspiracy

Flag adopted by the Conspiracy Suns and Sun´s rays of Bolivar