The first flag for Cuban independent struggles was described in a Constitution project by Joaquín Infante, a Bayamo                   Lawyer, at the early XIX Century, as a banner of struggle of a separatist conspiracy, organized in the capital of the Island, from               1809 to 1810. Chosen colors were green, purple and white, not because they repreented the ideals of those in the plot, but           ”...because it is not known yet that any other nation would use them...” as its promoter explained them.

    There were also some other flags, like the one of the Conspiración de Los Soles y Rayos de Bolívar, (Conspiracy of Bolivar´s Suns   and Rays) with deep blue center and in its medium point a brightning silver sun within a crimsom circumference, and the one   hoisted by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes in La Demajagua. In October 10th, 1868.

According to writer Cirilo Villaverde, the Cuban national flag was created by General Narciso López in 1849, and was designed by the writer, poet and draughtsman Miguel Teurbe Tolón, according to López instructions. The first flag was sewn by Emilia, Teurbe´s wife. It was half meter long by thirty five centimeters wide. Quite plain and with perfect harmony, red blue and white combine in it. (1)

The chosen colours were inspired on the same from other national flags representing freedom expectations of all the world´s men and women. These are the colours of the revolution, and according to Latin connotation they are related to the French revolutionary triptych.

Red representing the union of Cubans, placed inside a triangle, obviously referring to French ideals, and, at the same time, the necessary blood shed along independence struggles.

White stripés, by purity and virtue of independence ideal, the three sky blue stripes, later changed into deep blue, by the departments in which the island was then divided, revealed the high expectations of the patriots.

The triangle and the five pinted white star express balance between moral and social qualitites which must tipify the independent and sovereign state which Cuba is.

Our flag is the one of the red equilateral triangle and the lone star, with three blue stripes and two white. In Law No. 42 of the National Symbols of the National Assembly of the People´sa Power is expressed :

"...its shape is rectangular, twice length than width, composed by five horizontal stripes having all the same width, three dep blue and two hite, placed alternada. A red equiulateral triangle, in one of its vertical extremes occupy all the height of the flag constituting its fixed edge. Such triangle bears in its center a five-pointed white star, within an imaginary circumference, whose diameter is a third of the flag´s height, having one of its points towards the free upper edge of the flag.”

Colours of the Flag    

Pantone   Blue   Red
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