José Marín Varona (Camagüey 1859 - La Habana 1912)

Composer, pianist and orchestra conductor. He was born in Camagüey, in March 10th, 1859. Being a youngster he settled in Havana where he conducted the Albisu theater orchestra, In 1896 he premiered his su zarzuela “El brujo”, and shorty afterwards he moved to Key West, U.S.A., because of his independentist ideas.

Being exile he developed jpournalism as well as his, musical activites. When the Repubñlic was settled he was arranger and the first musical conductor of the Band of the General Staff of the Army. He also developed music criticism, he settled the Revista Cuba Musical and was professor in Havana Conservatory.

He conducted several orchestras of companies of zarzuelas. As composer he owns a valuable work, started with the Consuelo waltz, and including zarzuelas, romanzas, piano works for children, potpourris and dances..

He died in Havana in September 17th, 1912.